One 80s look

Hi everyone!

I start writing in English because I realised today that most of you aren’t coming from Belgium or more generally, French speaking countries. But if I see that lots of French speaking people are here, I will write in both languages.

Here is a new look, I really love that coat. I found it a few years ago in my mother’s closet! I directly felt in love with it, I love the cut and the fact that it is loose. I do not always dared to wear it, because in the past you never saw anyone with this kind of jacket (people used to look at me as if I was a weirdo aha). But I feel like this year is the year to wear it because I noticed much more people wearing loose coats-jackets (and in general loose clothes).

I bought this jeans from Pull&Bear two weeks ago, I really like it, but now I feel like it is a bit too large for me… Maybe I should try a smaller size, but when you buy it, it is slim and then it always becomes larger! Grrrrrr

Regarding the pullover from Bershka, I bought it in the size L because it was kind of a crop top. In general, I do not like when clothes are too short. But here, the front is shorter than the back and it is really nice once worn :))

For the bag, I put the brand but, unfortunately, I cannot tell you where to find it because it was a gift.

Do not hesitate to give me feedback about the video, the text or anything you want to ask or say :))



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